NB Group OJSC is a successfully acting in Azerbaijan chemical industry and dynamically developing company. The strategy of NB Group manufacturing paint products from category of building products, gypsum- and cement-based building mixtures, such semi-products of industrial importance as alkyd and polymer, solid and cleaning paste from domestic chemical series, cleaning substances, and plastic and metal tableware is to meet clients’ needs and to become one of the leading forces of the country’s economy in this area by formation of higher-level and high-qualitative local production brands. Company has established its whole activity  in conformity with the requirements of international standards, Quality Assurance, Environmental and Ecological Protection, Labour Protection and Control System of Technical Safety.   By applying the latest technological innovations of the modern world NB Group functions as the keeper protector of Qualitative Azerbaijan Brand and a company continuously strengthening this guarantee in all area of activity.     NB Group creates value not only in production area but also envisions staying in the position of a company maintaining a different and own line in the areas of corporate management and social responsibility by establishing of successful personnel  value together with its precious and professional cadres. 



22 May 2019

  Corella, Bermuda və Muflon boyalarında yeni kampaniyaya start verildi.  20 may 2019 tarixindən etibarən Corella, Bermuda və Muflon boyalarının su əsaslı məhsul qapaqlarını (yəni plastik qapaqları) məhsulu istifadə etdikdən sonra dükana qaytarın. ...

30 October 2018
The first NB Group football championship held

 1-ci NB futbol çempionatı başa çatdı. Dostluq, qardaşlıq və eyni zamanda gözəl rəqabət şəraitində keçən yarışmanın qalibi bütün oyunlarını qələbə ilə başa vuran Anbar komandası oldu. Qalibləri təbrik edirik. Çempionatın ən ...