Intention, Views for Future. Moral and ethic principles

 As one of big companies acting in Chemical Industry our mission being the representative of Qualitative Azerbaijan Brand is to submit ecologically clean production to local and foreign consumers and to establish the brands which consumers may always easily select and give priority to.
Views for Future:
NB Group foresees entry to the presented areas as more successful company with an open prism as well as demonstration of a different approach with a view to corporate management and social responsibility by developing of the angle of business and values for future. At the same time improvement of manufactured products and their delivery, as well as rendered services are among a  priorities.
Moral and ethic principles:
1 Being open-minded  
2. Reliability  
3. Top ranking    
4. Respect to all 
5. Different approach 
6. Professional  view
7. Activity in the terms of operative and mutual cooperation